Practice Areas

International Practice
The Rogers Law Firm has extensive experience in representing corporate entities doing business in Massachusetts and the U.S. If you are contemplating expanding your current international business to Massachusetts, The Rogers Law Firm can assist you with any legal services you require. Our International Practice serves the needs of clients doing business in the expanding global economy, and is available to advise companies in Ireland seeking to establish and maintain a presence in Massachusetts on all aspects of state and federal law with respect to such endeavors. Following is an overview of the type of services that are available to you through The Rogers Law Firm:

  • Review of your business plan to expand into Massachusetts
  • Advice as to the most appropriate form of business structure for you under Massachusetts/U.S. law so as to:
  • Limit your liability
  • Control legal/administrative costs incident to your operating structure
  • Minimize your tax obligations
  • Review of your current business documents to ensure conformance with Massachusetts/U.S. law
  • Drafting and filing of requisite corporate documents
  • Assistance in complying with applicable regulatory requirements
  • Drafting and negotiation of either lease or purchase of your Massachusetts locations(s)
  • Drafting and negotiation of vendor and employment contracts
  • Development of human resources and other policies
  • Assistance with immigration matters

Any or all of the above services may be secured through The Rogers Law Firm on a fixed-fee basis, which should be a material benefit to any cost conscious enterprise seeking to expand to the United States. In addition, we have established relationships with local experts in banking, finance, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, supply chains, real estate, information technology and insurance capable of facilitating the expansion of your business to Massachusetts.